Workshops and Practice Labs

Marceta Reilly Workshop Presentation

Marceta is available to provide workshops and practice labs at your school, district, or professional organization.  These workshops build capacity of educators to think differently about their work and take responsibility for changing their behaviors to create better results with students.

The sessions present each of the components of the leadership model in an energetic and engaging way.  The purpose of each session is to provide in-depth exploration of the model components and offer opportunities for low-risk practice with feedback so that new skills and habits can begin to develop.

The workshop interactions also help develop networking within the group.   This provides ongoing support to participants who want to take these new ideas back to their own classroom and educator teams.

  • Workshops can be one hour to a full day in length.
  • Practice Labs are used as followup development sessions. They are virtual events through video conferencing.  They can offer question and answer opportunities, group coaching format, or live practice of communication skills with feedback.

Session Topics include the following (customized to suit your needs):

  • Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Creating a Culture of Learning
  • Developing Professional Presence
  • Getting Genuine Buy-in from Staff
  • Teaming: The Emotional Glue of School Culture
  • Building Relationships with Students: A Key Component of Broader Student Success
  • Saying What You Mean Without Being Mean


Participants in our sessions will:

  • Learn skills that foster a culture of student success;
  • Practice and deepen their understanding about how to work well together in adult teams;
  • Explore communication skills that help move people to positive action rather than defensiveness.

To inquire about booking an event, contact Marceta at:

Info [at]