How to Build Great Educator Teams – Tip 3

Last week we started our series of 4 tips about how you can build much more engaged and effective educator teams. If you missed that first post, you can read it here, then Tip 2 is here Today, we’d like to tell you about Tip 3.

Tip 3:  Be a Facilitator, Not a Dictator

Leaders are supposed to lead, right? They’re supposed to take charge, set the rules, hold people accountable, and get things done.

Sounds good, but in reality, it doesn’t work very well.

Really effective leaders — the ones who have a much bigger impact on creating school cultures where student success is paramount — have an entirely different approach.  

Great leaders see themselves as facilitators, collaborators. They know that they get much better results when they listen, rather than dictate.

Listening means that they understand that the teachers, parents, and community members who interact with students every day, often have ideas that deserve to be heard, and leadership skills that you can encourage.

When you, as a leader, listen carefully, you gain the benefit of many perspectives, rather than just your own way of seeing things. Then you have the opportunity to create action teams, with their own designated leaders, and you become the facilitator. And a lot more gets done!

It’s well proven that blue ribbon schools always have principals who understand the power of “two heads are better than one.” And more than two is even better.

If you’re not already a leader who acts as a facilitator, we hope you’ll give it a try as you prepare for the new school year. Take the time to listen to the people around you, and give them leadership responsibilities to form action teams. Your role as the leader will be enhanced, rather than reduced, because you’ll be the engine that drives a much bigger level of success than you could create on your own.


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