Who do we serve?

RLB Flight PlanOur target audience are educators who want to have greater impact on student success. They want more meaning and results from their work—in their schools, districts, and professional organizations. They are early to mid-career educators who are dissatisfied with their current impact on student success. They want to see, feel, and BELIEVE that what they are doing is making a real difference in the lives of the children they work with each day.

What makes us unique?

Three things make us unique:

  1. Our model is a clear, simple system which emerged from the Breaking Ranks® research and has a broad-based record of success in schools across the United States.
  2. We have developed a full complement of professional learning support to assist educators with implementation of the concepts.
  3. The ideas relate well to educators because they emerge from real people who are working in our schools right now and making a significant impact on the success of students with whom they work.

What is our model?

Our model uses the four forces of flight as a metaphor. It is a Flight Plan for releasing leadership brilliance to break sound barriers in education! Its purpose is to create thriving school culture and an engaged school community. The Flight Plan has four cornerstones: Personal Brilliance, Collaborative Brilliance, Team Brilliance, and Student Brilliance. Each cornerstone has five concepts for development. When you put if all together, you create the kind of school that brings out the best in people, inspires them to dream big, and propels them to work hard to be more than they ever thought possible!

Our Guarantee

If you follow our process, you will create a sustainable, empowering culture and engaged school community in which everybody thrives! _____________________________________________ OUR BOOK — RELEASING LEADERSHIP BRILLIANCE Our book is entitled, Releasing Leadership Brilliance: Breaking Sound Barriers in Education. Using the four forces of flight as a metaphor, we describe four cornerstones of leadership to create a professional presence that enables educators to break the sound barriers of outdated structures and processes within our current educational system.  Learn more here. SPEAKING Simon and Marceta are available for speaking events at your school, district, or professional organization.  Keynote addresses give an overview of our leadership model in an energetic and engaging way.  It inspires the audience participants to understand and act in new ways that build strong positive relationships which bring out the best in both children AND adults. Learn more here. WEBINARS, WORKSHOPS, and PRACTICE LABS Marceta and Simon are available to provide webinars, workshops and “practice labs” at your school, district, or professional organization.  They build capacity of educators to think differently about their work and take responsibility for changing their behaviors to create better results with students.   Learn more here: Webinars Workshops and Practice Labs. ONLINE COURSE AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM We are currently developing new offerings, including Online Courses and a Certification Program based on our work on our book Releasing Leadership Brilliance. If you’d like more information about these upcoming programs, please email us at