Break Barriers Together — An Implementation Group for Principals and School Leaders

Break the barriers that keep you from reaching your goals!

You have big dreams for your school. You have innovative ideas, and you are eager to see your students succeed, and your staff working together in truly effective teams.

But implementing your ideas isn’t as easy as you had hoped.

Everywhere you turn there are obstacles that you have to overcome. “Business as usual,” lack of funds, and resistant staff are just a few.

You can break through those barriers — and we can show you how.

Imagine your school the way you know it can be. Happy, engaged students, excited and thriving staff, effective teams, and a supportive community.

Community and collaboration are key.

The Break Barriers Together Community is all about giving you the support and skills you need to move from ideas to implementation.

Not just information, but skills and the power of group support to IMPLEMENT your ideas.

Research shows that we are more confident and are able to learn and accomplish more in groups. That’s why we’ve created the *free* #BreakBarriersTogether community (BBT). It’s a virtual community for educators from around the world to gather and support each other in developing the skills and courage to be strong, caring, and inspiring leaders in your schools, districts, and professional organizations.

How can you possibly fit one more thing into your day?

We know first hand the demands that are placed on educators. That’s why we’re designing all the materials for BBT to be available to you in bite-size pieces, whenever you want.

There are NO demands on your time.

No required number of logins or posts, no required training, no required meetings. You won’t have to squeeze yet-another big task into your busy schedule. And you’ll have 24 hour access, so you can access the community, with all the resources we have planned for you, at your convenience.

Why should you join?

You’ll find like-minded educators who are working to break through their unique barriers, and you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, get and give support, and get access to exclusive content, or early notification of upcoming events. You’ll also get access to free calls, articles, and tips from Marceta Reilly, PhD, who has over 30 years experience as an educator and coach, along with co-author Simon T. Bailey, a renowned Leadership expert and keynote speaker  

We have one purpose — to help you realize the dreams you have for your own unique situation as an educator.. 

Join us — and help us build the type of community that you want!

Joining is simple — and FREE!  (We know you’re accustomed to “free” being a way to bombard you with sales offers — but you won’t find that here.)  To join us:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Search for “Break Barriers Together – Implementation Group.” 
  3. Click on the group title to open the group
  4. Click “Join” to send your request to be part of this new community. (Remember this is a closed community for educators only. )

This is our gift to you — to all educators — because we want to see you succeed!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Having trouble joining us, or just have a question?  Drop us an email to:  info [at]