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Who Are We?
We are committed to changing leadership behavior in our schools…FROM “boss with an agenda” TO “leader with a vision.”

How in the world did we meet???
Our mutual friend and personal coach, Jayne Warrilow, introduced us. Marceta had already written two books about leadership communication with co-author, Linda Gross Cheliotes using Corwin as publisher. Corwin had been pursuing Simon to write a book about his leadership ideas for educators, but he felt education was not his niche. Jayne was coaching each of us and suggested we meet each other.

Simon was booked to speak at a coaching conference in Kansas City, so Marceta attended and we went out for a cup of coffee. A friendship started, our leadership philosophies were clearly aligned, and the seed of our professional relationship began. It’s been a joy ride ever since!

Why do we do what we do?
For Simon, education is the key for ending poverty. It gives children a lift up, not a hand out. It’s a resource for transforming the story of lives.

Marceta dreams of schools being the heart of any community, with a culture that invites and celebrates differences as strengths. She wants schools to be places where everybody thrives—students of course, but also teachers, staff, parents, community members—anybody who walks through the door.

What do we do best?
Simon speaks, teaches, challenges, and inspires action. Marceta teaches, coaches, mentors and inspires deep implementation. Both are passionate about people development!

What is the impact we want?
We want to bring out the brilliance in MILLIONS of educators worldwide so that adults thrive and students soar with success!



Simon T. Bailey — Down on the Farm
Simon is a city guy, and Marceta wanted to introduce him to the country life. Take a look at Simon’s visit to the farm with Marceta and her family.


Marceta Reilly, PhD

Marceta is a thought leader and a passionate advocate for creating schools and districts where everybody—students, staff, parents, community—thrives.   She spent 34 years of her career in public education experimenting with ways to teach and lead that make schools the trusted center (the heart!) of a community.  Now she spends her time as an author, speaker, and leadership coach for educators across the United States   Marceta and her husband have two daughters and six brilliant grandchildren.    She loves traveling, wine tasting, and keeping up with the grandkids as their lives unfold.


Simon T. Bailey

Simon is a micro-philanthropist.  He is a guy from inner city Buffalo, NY, who is attempting to put a dent in the universe.  He leads an educational company whose purpose is to teach one billion people how to be brilliant in life and business.  He is the former Sales Director of Disney Institute and one of America’s top 10 most booked corporate and association speakers.  He is the proud father of two awesome teenagers.  He loves movies and cheers on the Buffalo Bills who will win a Super Bowl in his lifetime!