Your dream of creating an exceptional school can become a reality!

You have a vision for your school. Yet everywhere you turn there are barriers that block your path. Not enough money. Administration entrenched in the old way of doing things. Overworked, under-appreciated staff who are resistant to new ideas.

But there is hope — and there’s a proven path that you can take, to reach your own specific goals.

You can learn the skills and methods to move even the most challenging schools from barely functioning to extraordinary levels of excellence. You can foster an environment of collaboration, ignite confidence and positive action, and build a network of support for the students in your school.

No, you can’t do it alone – and you don’t have to.

Trying to make changes in an environment of “we’re too poor” or “we’ve always done it that way” can feel like mission impossible. But we’ll show you that it’s not only possible – it’s critical to the future of your school. We’ll teach you the practical skills that you need to make your vision a reality.

You became an educator because you care about seeing your students succeed, and your school thrive. We’ll help you reach your goals!

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Simon T. Bailey selected for TEDx Chatham, Ontario!!

We’re very excited to announce that Simon presented “Be the Boom – Breaking Sound Barriers in Education” on October 19th, in Chatham, Ontario. Click the play button on the video above to view it now.


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The U.S. Dream Academy

Marceta and Simon would like to introduce you to a very important effort that we’re supporting.

The U.S. Dream Academy, a 501(c)(3), was founded by Wintley Phipps, a minister, education activist, and bass-baritone gospel artist, to address the issue of inter-generational incarceration. This vision places special emphasis on children who have a parent incarcerated, and children falling behind in school while living in high risk neighborhoods.

As founder Wintley Phipps said, “A Child with a Dream is a Child with a Future.” Simon and Marceta strongly believe that all children should have a chance to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their situation. To support this important work, we will donate 10% of all profits from Releasing Leadership Brilliance to The U.S. Dream Academy.